Title: 1/96 USS Missouri BB-63

Superstructure Construction Part II

Things are progressing nicely on the superstructure at this point (06DEC15). Much of the basic building blocks are in place. This page documents the midships 40mm triple mount tower construction along with a few photos of the current state of the build.

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  Using construction techniques documented previously, the 40mm mounts were constructed using printed ABS frames and stryrene for studs and sheeting. This photo shows the basic port tower completed, and the main components for the starboard tower. The tennis-ball yellow part is the result of using a cartridge for which our engineering department couldn't find need.     Studs installed on the base section.
  Stern view of superstructure on hull.     Closer-up of port quarter (a little fuzzy).
  Overhead amidships.     Port bow.
  Another port bow view from lower angle (these descriptions are sort of like when you're buying a house and the real estate agent says "this is the kitchen!").     The grey components are the cast kit-parts.
  Close-up of the 40mm towers, showing the forward entrance to the passageway (this one's for you, Brad... :) ).     One more view...
  State of the build as of mid-December 2015. The forwasrd tower structure is complete, as is the conning tower.     Getting close to being done with the basic structure.
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