Title: 1/96 USS Missouri BB-63

Main Battery Additional Construction (part 5)

At this point, the first of both the turret and director control mechanisms are built and running: time to fabricate and assemble the remaining two turrets and the after director mechanism.

I designated the first turret assembly as Turret #2, so #1 will be identical, and #3 will differ only in that the rotation needs to be reversed - this will be handled in the microcontroller code.

I placed the final order for components from McMaster/Carr, ServoCity, and DigiKey. While awaiting their arrival I fabricated the remaining parts.

This photo shows the kit-supplied turret floors modified to accept the upper baseplate, the rotation gearboxes, the elevation gearbox components, and the elevation mechanism baseplates (not very imaginative names, but they get the job done). The elevation gearbox bearing mounts are "custom fit" as a unit to ensure the alignment and spacing of the three shafts.
Here are the barbettes with the mounting cleats and rotation baseplates installed, the trunnion bearings (which support the trunnion axle), and of course the barrels test-fit in the 3D printed trunnion blocks. If/when I ever implement independently-elevatable barrels, these parts will need to be replaced.
An example benefit of using Solidworks to model everything. I used this template to ensure the upper baseplate (inner circle) is absolutely centered on the kit-supplied turret floor (outer circle). Some of the other lines are used to accurately position the trunnion bearings. Using clear acrylic material makes all these operations pretty simple.
Current (04JUN16) state of the after director training mechanism. I'm awaiting the pinion gears to connect the position sensor to the output shaft, and then it will be complete.
This view shows a comparison between the fore (on the left, in a test jig) and after director training mechanisms. I had to alter the design from the first (forward) one due to the more-cramped quarters under the aft F/C tower.

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