Title: 1/96 USS Missouri BB-63

Hull Maindeck - Focs'l area

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My next task focused on the maindeck, specifically the focs'l. With the deck plating in, I installed the hawsepipes. These were fashioned from brass tube cut to the appropriate length / angles.

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View of focs'l area prior to installation of maindeck plate. Wiring is auxiliary +6V and +12V for future use. Deck plate installed.
Next, the clearance holes for the hawsepipes were drilled to align with the bellmouths. The aux wiring was fed up above deck thru small access holes in the plate. The hawsepipes were cut to shape and installed thru the deck and into the bellmouths in the hull (sorry for blurry photo...).
The area surrounding the hawsepipes was masked and gaps filled with plastic filler. At the other end, the pipes were faired into the bellmouths.
Fast forward several months: the hull up to the maindeck has been completed (note presence of the bow 20mm tub and gunwale). The chafing plates and deck flanges are installed. The prototype has visible weld beads between deck plates in this area, so I used the masking tape/plastic filler method to carefully replicate that feature.
Once the weld beads were complete, the focs'l was masked and prepared for paint. Note the raised pads for the two bow bitts. 20B paint (lightened 2:1 color:white) was applied and the masking removed. Deck fittings are "posing" at this point.
Close-up showing the effect of the weld beads. Deck flanges have not yet been painted. Close-up aft section of focs'l.


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