Title: 1/96 USS Missouri BB-63

Planked decks sealed

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Once the planking was complete, I used 220-grit sandpaper on a rubber block to final-sand all decks. Then I applied three coats of oil-based satin clear as a stain, and a final coat of water-based flat clear, all polyurethane. I'm very happy with the appearance, and think I'm now ready to move on to construction of other areas of the ship.

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View from the stern forward, sort of an attempt at artistic license, and to give a feeling for the expansiveness of this area. Starboard side aft of the superstructure looking forward. The superstructure is still under construction, as you can see from the extra sheeting present at the aft end of the 01 deckhouse.
Abeam of T1 looking aft. A view of all four planked decks.
Close-up view amidships. The athwartships passageway on 02 deck. (
And finally, and overview.
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