Title: 1/96 USS Missouri BB-63

Current Status

I have tried to design this website such that it follows the sequence of progress I make on the model: that has turned out to be impossible so I thought it would be helpful to include a "Status Page" that lists each task and links to the corresponding webpage (if applicable). I suppose this is the actual "build log" for this project :)

This is a Work in Progress.

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Date Started Task/Hyperlink
May 2018 Main, 01, 02, and 03 deck planking COMPLETE!
January 2018 Acquired Sherline mill: convert first turret's drivetrain mounts from plexiglas to aluminum.
June 2017 Begin designing artwork for initial photoetch parts.
March 2017 Main deck wood deck install, bow section
November 2016 Trace/scan physical maindeck footprint into solidworks to generate margin plane patterns
November 2016 Maindeck - focs'l
November 2016 Hull plating
October 2016 gunwale and bow 20mm gun tub
September 2016 aft 40mm gun tubs
July 2016 Overboard discharge system
April 2016 auxiliary hull wiring
April 2016 Main Gun Battery and director mechanisms
March 2016 main power and drive systems, including batteries, wire harnesses, speed controllers, and rudder servo
March 2016 Prop Shafts and struts
February 2016 main propulsion unit
November 2015 basic superstructure
September 2015 hull framework
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