Title: 1/96 USS Missouri BB-63

Solidworks 3D Model

Prior to embarking on this 1/96-scale project, I purchased Trumpeter's 1/200 Missouri and the fantastic Pontos detail set. Upon inspection of the kit I realized the (now well-documented) poorly shapped hull, especially aft below the waterline. Since I have access to a very high-quality 3D printer, I decided to learn Solidworks, with the goal of recreating the the hull and printing corrected sections.

"Learning solidworks" turned out to be a challenge, especially when the first subject is something as complex as a ship's hull. One thing led to another, and I wound up creating a (~60% complete at this point) 3D model of the entire ship. I started this part of the project about a year and a half ago (currently OCT'15).

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This shows the current state of the 1/200-scale 3D model. The hull loft on this version was used to create a correction section for the aft third of the Trumpeter hull (documented elsewhere). This gives you an idea of the level of detail I'm trying to achieve.
I'll continue to post renderings of the 3d "reference model" as I get the time... Once I had the 1/200 version to the point shown (and had implemented the hull correction using the printed part), I finally took the plunge and pulled the trigger on a 1/96 kitset from Scale Shipyard. Sincere thanks to Brad Newland for the inspiration that put me over the edge on this project. I created a 1/96 scale version of the hull, and modeled the internal framework as shown.
Large (~1.5MB) starboard-bow view of the 1/200 model. As you'll see, I still have much work to do on the main deck areas. Another large rendering, this time of the starboard quarter.
Current (as of 30MAY16) render of the hull, showing the framing, propulsion, power... etc. etc. CAUTION: the image is less than 1MB but is 44" in width :) Another large rendering, this time of the starboard quarter.
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