Title: Yankee Modelworks USS Montana

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This page comprises a detailed pictorial of the contents of the YMW Montana. Clicking on any thumbnail will take you to a larger version of the photo.

  The kit arrived in a nice sturdy (and fairly large/heavy) box.  Hopefully Leo loses interest in this kit now, *before* I begin construction.   Contents of the box: hull/deck, two bags of resin, one bag of white metal, and three PE frets.  Everything arrived intact thanks to the excellent packaging.
  Some shots of the maindeck casting... focs'l.  Note that there is very fine, extremely well-done planking detail cast into the deck, but I was too lazy to haul out my good lights and take "real" photos.  Trust me - it is there, and it's beautiful.   forward barbettes
  midships   after barbettes
  fantail   complete hull - obviously it is quite long compared to its width, so I have trouble photographing it.
  Aft stern area of hull.   From what I've seen of proposed designs, it appears YMW got the armor beltline correct.
  Here's all the "other" resin.  YMW is clearly concerned about quality.  I have yet to find a *single* bubble anywhere.  And they even gave me a complete spare (4th) 16" turret!   Closeup of 5" turrets
  and the 16" turrets...   turret bags
  several of the ship's boats   deckhouse details.
  more house details   one of the stacks
  Here's the included white metal parts...   The 5" barrels.  As you can see, some cleanup/straightening will be required here (if I use these parts)
  The 16" barrels.  I'll be interested in a brass barrel set ala the Lion Roar Yamato set, if anyone knows of some (remember, I'm not a "ship modeler" so I don't know all the ins and outs of what's available).   Some detail shots of the smaller metal components...
    The Kingfishers..
  ...and the props/struts and directors.   Finally, the three PE frets and decal sheet.
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