Title: Yankee Modelworks USS Montana

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Deckhouse Design, version 3

Still not happy with the look of the ship, I decided to take a shot at designing the superstructure from the ground up. Again, since this ship is really a "never-was," I can pretty much do whatever I think looks good. To recap,
  • Version I: the out-of-box kit configuration.
  • Version II: a hybrid configuration described earlier which used much of the kit's forward structure - with enclosed bridge - and a newly-designed rear structure.
  • Version III: totally redesigned structure as shown in the diagrams below.

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The goal this time around was to arrive at a design which was blocky and massive in appearance: something befitting a monster the size of Montana.

At this point in the build, my desktop computer at home suffered a hard disk crash - and of course it was the disk containing all my photographs. "But you're an electrical engineer - certainly you had a backup?" Well yes of course: the problem is, the backup was 6-months out of date. So now I have an auto-scheduled redundant backup system and a power conditioner which is supposed to withstand a direct lightning hit to the house (living in SoCal this isn't really an issue, but if it can happen, it WILL happen to me...).

At any rate, I lost all the in-process construction photos of the most recent version of the superstructure. The images below show the ship in her current configuration. I say current, because it has been roughly two years since I worked on Montana, and I'm beginning to think I may want to take one last shot at the design of the superstructure. I like the look, but the workmanship is a bit lacking. Or maybe I just need to spend a bit more time finishing this version :)

This is an overhead view of the superstructure as of late 2013. As can be seen, there are now a total of sixteen quad-40mm mounts, along with two single-20mm galleries: one between the stacks, and the other just aft of the after stack.

Many of the components are posing - for example, the circular gun tubs are just sitting in approximate postion.

This view gives an idea of the bulk of the after superstructure: as you can see, it maintains a greater width on decks 02-04 than the previous version. Also, the port 5-inch director is shown on its circular mount, with a support structure visible beneath (running down to the 03 deck).

The only kit parts in use at this point are the stacks and the forward fire control tower.

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