Title: Yankee Modelworks USS Montana

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February 2, 2008 - Boat deck, or not?

At this point in the construction process, I decided to request some opinions from my buddies at modelwarships.com.  As previsouly mentioned, the "stock" YMW Montana kit leaves the space between the fore/after houses essentially empty, to make room for the boat deck.  I don't really like the way the superstructure looks with that empty space in the center, so I blended a bulky 2-level house into the front end of the aft house, just forward of the aft stack.  This house includes two additional 40mm mounts and some exterior deck detailing to keep things interesting.

Also as mentioned, I would like to retain the boat deck and cranes since I think the "busy-ness" of these items add a good deal of interest and appeal to the overall ship.  My current plan is to place the boat deck on a platform which in turn is stood off the roof of the new deckhouse, with appropriate access ladders, etc.  Likewise I would increase the height of the cranes by placing them on suitable circular pedestals (not shown in photos), to retain geometry of the crane arms and keep everything "believeable."

So.... I'm looking for opinions on whether I should retain the boat deck.  The photos below show each view with and without the boat deck in place.  Please let me know what you think.  Also, if you think things look better without the deck, how would you solve the problem of what to do with the boats?

Most of the components visible in these photos is sort of just sitting there: nothing is attached to the maindeck yet.  Any and all comments welcome.

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Not surprisingly, the results from my informal poll were mixed.  Lots of folks like the "traditional solution" of removing the boat deck to a different area of the ship, while others preferred the "traditional solution" of keeping the boats central.  Accordingly, I'm going to do the only prudent thing at this point: I'm going to put off making the decision until some point in the future.  Like when further progress demands it.


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