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This is Tamiya's kit #24259, built straight from the box.  One of those projects you do after a particularly difficult or highly detailed effort that left you "hobby-drained."

This is a curbside model (no engine detail) and of typical Tamiya quality: there were no real fit problems and the model looks like the real deal when completed.




  Cool little model, built completely out-of-the-box.  I even used the paint colors as recommended by Tamiya.
  The kit is very nicely done, with only two minor fit problems.
  For a ricer it looks pretty good from the back.
  This is a curbside model, so no engine or opening hood.
  Another good view.
  Reasonable underbody detail
  The cockpit looks pretty good, too
  Plenty of room for additional detailing, but not this time around.

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