Title: Yankee Modelworks USS Boston

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This page provides some close-up views of major components in their out-of-the-box condition. As many readers will be aware, Yankee Modelworks unfortunately ceased operations a short time after the release of this kit: it is possible (pure speculation on my part) that this impending event could have affected the quality of the product.

Upon initial inspection of the kit's contents, it quickly became apparent that my copy was suffering some significant quality-control issues.

These two photos illustrate the first such issue, a significant mismatch between the top and bottom halves of the hull. Much more than simple warpage, it was as if the molds themselves were offset from each other.


As may be seen, there was a significant mismatch side-to-side between the upper/lower hull halves.

       Part R4a - showing excessive warping and overall "stucco" texture on vertical surfaces.
       Part R4a close-up again showing "stucco" texture on all vertical surfaces.
       Part R4b. Trying to be as "fair" as possible - this part looks ok in photograph but actually contains a large amount of vertical surface texture.
       Part R4c - this part looks pretty good and is probably the best of the bunch.
       Part R10a - showing heavy texturing of all surfaces and details.
       Alternate view of R10a - showing heavy texturing of all surfaces and details.
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