Title: Yankee Modelworks USS Boston

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Construction - Main deck deckhouse Part I

This section documents construction of the main deck (the "1 deck") deckhouse. This house is represented by by three major components - R4a, R4b, and R4c. Consistent with many parts in the YMW kit, the inconsistent texture on vertical surfaces of each of these three parts necessitates removal of all cast-in surface detail.

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Yankee Modelworks USS Boston deckhouse   Part R4a, in process. Note the vertical surfaces which have not yet been cleaned off - including the ammo boxes. This is a big disappointment for me, given that I feel I paid for that surface detail only to have to erase it.
Yankee Modelworks USS Boston deckhouse   Another closeup view of R4a. This was the better of the two parts I had to choose from. The fact that it has drip rails over the hatch indicates it is from the "production" molds.
Yankee Modelworks USS Boston deckhouse   Even the forward 5"/38 turret mount had to be cleaned up - and of course the ammo boxes are gone.
Yankee Modelworks USS Boston deckhouse comparison   Part R4a ready for assembly, next to the other part. I will say that, in contrast to my YMW USS Montana kit, once you scrape down to the "shiny metal," the deckhouse components are pretty crisp and square, although I do wish they'd come up with a more reasonable way to manage the enormous casting blocks which require so much time to remove.
Yankee Modelworks USS Boston deckhouse comparison   This is R4b, the "mid-house" of the three parts. This part is the highest-quality component in my kit in terms of surface texture on vertical surfaces. Unfortunately still not acceptable, especially because although those cylinders look really nice, and they all have to go away.
Yankee Modelworks USS Boston deckhouse comparison   R4c, the aft-most component of the maindeck house. The part on top is from the first set of parts while the one on the bottom is the replacement part (note the presence of drip rails on the bottom part). Note also the gigantic casting blocks.
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