Title: 1/96 USS Missouri BB-63

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Completed Kit - photos

After 18-months of struggling with this kit, it is finally (almost) complete. The captain's gig is not finsihed, and there are various other second-order details which I may add later. But for now I'm calling it quits on this model. Despite all the challenges and questionable quality of the base kit, I'm proud of the results.

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  Overhead view of the focs'l.   The bow area. The kit decals were completely wrong-sized, so I made these using standard techniques.
  Looking at this photo I noticed the blast bags hadn't yet been painted. Use your imagination :).   Here she is, port beam. Not much else to say.
  Port bow: now the blast bags are painted... The base is unstained Bubinga. I made the posts from polished stainless tubing I purchased from McMaster-Carr.   Port bow from a higher elevation. The sleek hull lines are more apparent.
  Close-up of the superstructure.   This shot shows the result of some of those long hours to good effect.
  Superstructure from aft.   This angle is one of my favorites, as it shows the graceful rise at the bow. The prop guards were made from styrene stock (the kit's white metal parts were atrocious). IN fact, I've lost track of how many details were added from scratch. Those of you with a copy of this kit will know.
  The "BOSTON" lettering was also custom-made.   And finally, a photo taken outside in natural light.
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