Title: 1/200 USS Missouri BB-63

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Main deck Construction Part I

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  Starting at the bow, I cleaned off the focs'l and installed the deck plating from the Pontos detail set.   The bow 20mm mount needed significant rework. I cleaned out all the bulwark supports and replaced them with 0.005" styrene pieces. THen I added the deck-edge. Finally I added spare barrel tubes, a phone box, and a collar for the jackstaff.
  Next I prepared the forward deck for application of the Pontos wood decking. The fit is superb, although my set was a touch cranky around the forward edge of barbette #1.   This shot gives an idea of how precise the diecutting is on the decking.
  Next I painted the focs'l and applied the forward decking. Then I began adding detail to the bow.   In this view I have added the anchor windlasses, capstans, and the forward 40mm and 20mm tubs.
  I moved on to the breakwater: for some reason, the supports were way too tall as shown in this photo.   Correcting this issue was not so trivial, since there is important detail on both ends of the supports. So I decided to fashion a new, taller breakwater from sheet and round styrene stock: this is the end result.
  Next up were the forward 40mm tubs. The ammo rings from the Pontos set are very impressive... and very challenging (for me) to correctly install. The kit-suppied director tubs were all wrong: I fashioned new ones from styrene and sheet brass. This shot shows a completed tub installed on the starboard side, and the new support with the kit version next to it on the port.   Here are 40mm tubs with director tubs ready for paint.
  Finally, here's the completed scene. I'm using Veteran Models 40mm mounts - fun to build and they look incredible.   Same scene looking forward. The level of realism afforded by the Pontos detail set - along with the kit itself - is really impressive.
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