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From head-on, a very purposeful stance.
I chose to leave the left-side cargo door and the rear clamshell doors in the open position.
I used decanted Tamiya lacquers for the red, white, and black portions of the color scheme. The kit includes decals for the black window trim and the yellow vertical stabilizer markings, but I decided to finish these areas with paint. Lots and lots of (Tamiya) masking tape.
The engine exhaust ducts were finished with a mixture of Alclad II paints.
One interesting issue with this model: once all the exterior details have been installed, there is virtually no safe location from which to handle it. Makes transportation "risky."
The rear clamshell doors were interesting in that, to pose them in the open position, their entire weight is supported by two (very small and structurally insignificant) hinge points. This presented an issue both during cementing (maintain proper position without breaking hinge points) and transporting. So far I've been lucky but at this point the model has only been completed for three days.
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