Title: Pocher F40

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Photos I

This is my first Pocher F40.  The project took a full year to complete and includes numerous scratch-built components.  Additionally, the diecast body received extensive modifications (eg., all vents were opened).



The business end... view of rear valence and exhaust ports.  With 3 liters generating 475+ bhp, the F40 created huge amounts of heat, and required elaborate venting techniques.  The kit's rear screen was replaced with a piece made from aluminum window screen, drawn into a diamond pattern as on the prototype.  The central, third exhaust pipe vents the wastegate.  Not many wings seen on passenger cars are truly functional: this one is!



Close-up of rear decklid showing modified vents.  A careful look at the left side of the center vent will show the results of a slight slip with the dremel tool...  sigh...


Another close-up, this time of the left-rear quarter vents.  There are 23 separate vents on this car, each of which required careful grinding to be opened.



Overhead shot of the engine compartment.  The cover was an elegantly-sculpted lexan piece.  All those vents made the inside rearview mirror only slightly better than useless.  Notice the NACA vents on the top of each rear flank - they feed the oil coolers situated in the rear pan.  Also visible are the twin race-style pop-up fuel inlet covers.  I've been told by an F40 owner that fuel consumption is actually not too bad (of course, that was from his perspective...).


Regardless of my photographic skills, these two very dark shots of the engine serve to give a feeling for the amount of scratchbuilding effort put into this area.  The kit's engine omits a surprising amount of detail - for example, the entire fuel delivery system was not depicted and had to be fabricated.  The driver's-side intercooler is not shown, since when both are installed, all that nice work is virtually impossible to see...


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