Title: Hermann Marwede in 1/72th scale

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Click on any image to see a larger version...
  The completed model is just over 26" long, and is impressive.
  My daughter calls it "The Christmas Boat."  I have no idea why DGzRS chooses the colors they do, but it seems most if not all of their vessels follow this same general scheme.
  Lots going on at the stern of this one...
  For comparison sake, here is the stock kit-supplied flight deck.  Not overly interesting.
  The (second) beautiful Eduard piece nearly complete.  Yes, it requires lots of bending of many parts, but in my opinion is worth it.
  Here's the completed flightdeck from aft, looking up the garage ramp.  Pretty cool effect, in my opinion.
  Here are the component parts for one of the five ladders.
  Again, a proud ship in unique colors, making for a fun model to build and display.
  The Eduard kit contains (most of) the bridge wing controls.  Curiously, the Revell kit neglects the nav-light cutouts in the bridge bulwark as well as the nav lights themselves.  Fortunately an easy fix with some minor scratchbuilding.
  Verena is another kit in itself, and with the addition of the PE parts, really a project in its own right.

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