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KA Models' "GT40 MkII Super Detailup Parts," part #KS00007

I'e been building models for over 40 years, having received my first kit at the age of five - I could not yet read very well - and assembled the "Fireball 500" by matching the pictures in the instructions to the actual kit pieces. Like many modelers, I have since then acquired a significant "stash" of unbuilt kits. Over the years, I have managed to obtain virtually all of my so-called "reminscence kits" - models that held a special meaning for me as a kid... eBay in the late 90s was a fantastic resource for guys like me, although I'm still looking for a complete "Rat Patrol" kit :).

I continue to purchase new releases that interest me (case in point - the subject of this writeup), but I find that my interest in aftermarket has grown to the point that I have created a "secondary stash" - aftrermarket sets and bits for kits that I build. While I enjoy scratchbuilding - see my article on USS Montana elsewhere in this site - I usually don't have the time to do so for every build. So now (and ironically), many times when I finally have time to sit down and start a new project, more often than not I'll put off starting the build until I've acquired whatever aftermarket parts are available for the selected model.

All of which is my way of explaining why, despite having received my GT40s months ago, I'm only now looking at starting to build one. I had been hoping that Matthew Wells at Scale Motorsport would produce an aftermarket kit, and even went so far as to send him a query on the topic (which uncharacteristically went unanswered). Recently I came across a link to a page on SMS's site that described why there would be no SMS "super detail set" for the Trumpeter GT40 - basically they had decided the kit did not meet their standards for production of such a kit. This was puzzling to me since I had just finished building their "builder's kit" version of Revell's C6-R, and the Revell kit, while nice, is... well, a Revell kit. During that same search I happened across an ad for KA Models (Asian) newly released "Super Detail Set" for the GT40. After another five minutes of research into this kit, I bought one.

This page simply documents the kit as it arrived. I must say that so far I am impressed. For example, the white metal parts are some of the best I have seen (and I own several of Autograph's kits for my Pocher F40s... so I have seen fabulous white metal pieces).

This is the obigatory photo of the box as it arrived from the shipping container. My copy came from Korea. I must say that the packaging has been very well done, with a classy multi-color box and color labeling on the end panel, complete with a checklist of what's included inside. I know these things seem unrelated to the quality of what's inside, but first impressions are important, and KA has done a nice job here.
Second impressions can be important, too. All the contents inside are well-packaged, with the resin, white metal, and turned parts wrapped in bubblewrap. Multiple sheets of photoetch parts sit under these components, which in turn are protected on the bottom side by the instruction sheets.

Very thoughtful packaging.
This is everything in the box. KA offers a reduced-set version which omits the two resin seats and turned-metal parts (see below).
Here are the resin seats, as-received. As you can see, the castings are highly detailed and very clean. I have seen some online comments regarding the poor quality of the kit seats: these seem to be fairly accurate representations of the real thing.
White metal exhaust headers.Here are the resin seats, as-received. As you can see, the castings are highly detailed and very clean. I've not yet looked in detail at the kit parts, but at first glance, these replacements are phenomenal. No flash or mold lines at all, and very nice weld lines that will look great with some "heat" painting applied.
Additional white metal components. As you can see, only very minor cleanup will be required here. The parts list includes header collectors, a fan, the half-shafts and U-joints, along with some other miscellanous items.

So far, looking very nice.
Here are the turned-metal parts. Take a close look at those fabulous exhaust pipes: they are GORGEOUS.
This is a close-up of the same parts - the gearshift lever is a very nice touch!
An example of one of the (three) instruction sheets. Sorry for the glare.
And finally, a close-up of the same sheet, just to give you an idea of how well the instructions are done. I can't wait to start this one.

I'll post photos of the PE sheets later... the kit also includes some very small machine screws. Should be lots of fun!

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