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Tamiya 1/32nd F-15C, built as s/n 77-0100 (an A model) circa 1988, as flown by CAPT Gene Stitt, USAF (whom I've known since he was just a punk tenor saxophone player in the school band).
The green background is an experiment (ie., I couldn't find a white sheet).
The tailcodes were custom-made using Photoshop and downloaded Amarillo fonts.  The TAC and 49th TFW insignia were also designed from scratch in Photoshop, working from photos and uniform patches.  The blue bands on the vertical stabilizers signify a 7th Squadron Eagle.

I got tired of the standard Tamiya dropped ailerons (accurate for a parked bird), so I put these in a slight left turn to match the stick's lean in the cockpit.

Loadout consists of a standard 4x4 arrangement of AIM9s and AIM7s.  No center pylon or fuel tanks - "It just slowed us down."  Markings on the missles were custom-mixed to match photos supplied by CAPT Stitt (still a captain, but now with Delta Airlines).
I used the full complement of stencil data and panel numbers from HobbyDecal.  Let me say straight up that these are outstanding products, and the customer service is equally excellent.  In fact, the only thing I would change is the color of the markings - from dead black to something a bit more aged.
Much ado has been made about the Tamiya burner cans being too long, so I used the Cutting Edge (CEC32143) units, finished in various AlClad II colors.  I left the vertical stabs unglued, as the model will be shipped to its ultimate destination and this makes packaging much easier/more secure.
An example of the effect achieved using the outstanding HobbyDecal dry transfers.  Everything is perfectly legible (although I did catch one mis-spelling...).
I cut the AOA sensors off and replaced them with brass stock.  The nice shiny air conditioning vent aft of the canopy is the result of countless discussions (arguments) with CAPT Stitt and review of just as many photos: it probably shouldn't be so shiny, but I just had to prove a point...

I opened up the gun vents for a more realistic appearance.

All markings visible in this photo are dry transfers.

A view likely not often survived by an adversary.  Lack of s/n on gear door is an oversight - I just noticed, in fact. Something I'll have to fix soon.
Even opened up, the Eagle remains a menacing-looking weapon.
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