Title: Scale Motorsport C-6R Corvette

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GT1 is a GREAT class, and the Corvette C6-R is an awesome machine. Here's one in 1/25th scale.


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The Revell kit is typical for this series. A good number a parts which fit reasonably well and builds into a believable replica.
The addition of the Scale Motorsport "builder kit" contents turns this model into something special. The machined aluminum wheels are a work of art... in fact they look so nice I couldn't bring myself to tone them down to more accurately reflect the prototypes.

A word about the paint: I used MCW Corvette C6-R yellow, which appears to be dead-on to prototypes (as is standard for MCW). However, when I made the switch to the BBV livery (see below), I discovered that the yellow used on the decals is substantially lighter - I didn't notice this until it was far too late to do anything about. Oh well - sue me.
Another really nice feature of the SMS kit is the rear diffuser, which completely replaces the bulky and out-of-scale Revell part with a very nice photoetch unit. It has been designed to build up very easily, although care should be taken when reviewing the assembly drawings for this step as I found them a bit difficult to decipher (the perspective view is not clear in certain critical areas).
In addition to SMS's builder kit details, I added a set of their "Bad Boy Vette" decals. These represent the #3 and 4 cars as run during the 2007 season, and create a very unique model. But they don't come cheap: the extra labor involved in preparin the body with the two-tone color scheme added a great deal of time to the project (for me, anyway).
The kit tires are retained, and fit very well. The SMS box includes two sheets of Matthew's fabulous carbon fiber decals, with pre-printed templates on the back. The rear wing and lower chassis both benefit from these great decals.
The SMS kit includes a nice set of windows (front windscreen and side windows) preprinted on what appears to be acetate. Unfortunately, when I attempted to clean some fingerprints from the windscreen, it became cloudy and would not clear up. I made a new windscreen from 0.005" styrene and used the decals for the frame (NB: Matthew, I never did hear back from you re: a replacement windscreen :( ).
Another view showing off that fabulous Bad Boy vette livery (and those outstanding SMS wheels). You can just barely see the driver's harness (red) in this photo: I found the material included in the SMS kit to be worthless (no way will it fit thru the provided PE harness hardware without fraying into oblivion) so I made new pieces from masking tape and painted them to match reference photos. I used the same technique to replace the thick, out-of-scale side netting.
A closer view of the interior. Also visible in the lower-left corner is the PE exhaust shield. I fabricated new exhaust dumps from Al tubing - the kit pieces are far too small and don't protrude out thru the body far enough.
The SMS kit includes a very nice turned aluminum oil tank (silver piece in this photo). I built up a new hose with correct AN fittings to add a little bling to the rear deck. You can also see the very nice rear wing end plates.
Overall, this SMS builder kit is a great, rewarding project. I *highly* recommend it to any Chevy race fan, or to someone just looking to do something different. Definitely challenging. Save yourself some heartache and spend a fair amount of time going over each and every step in the SMS instructions - there are a lot of little details which are seemingly buried inside larger steps. Plan your workflow carefully and you'll wind up with a fantastic C6-R.

There are lots of things I could have done better (for examle, the windscreen and the side window frames really gave me fits: I think there is something wrong with them, but it could just be me being dense).
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